10 Things Why Should Visit Ubud

Kuta attracts you with its super electrifying entertainment spots and modernity while Ubud presents its unique allure redefining classy place to unwind. Many people seem so addicted come and stay in Ubud
due to 10 things below.

10 Things Why Should Visit Ubud

1. Fresh Air

Being 800 meter above sea level makes Ubud’s air is so fresh. You can keep seeing sun but it is still fresh. Moreover many trees and rice field make it even better. You can imagine; when walking on the shady road the sun shines but you can relish the fresh air. The average maximum temperature of the month is between 31 – 33 Celcius while the average of minimum temperature is from 19 to 23 Celcius.

ubud rice terrace

2. Art, Art, and Art

This little town belong to Gianyar Regency is renowned for its art. Wood carvings, paintings, stone carvings, glass carvings, you name it, Ubud showcases the beautiful art works in the luxury galleries or modest showroom on the roadside. You also can learn how to make them in the workshops with guidance from experienced artists.


3. Spiritual Healing

The beautiful place supported by breathtaking sceneries and atmosphere make Ubud to be the wonderful place to do Yoga and to experience indulgent spa. There are many numbers of professional Yoga instructors who will teach you to get flexible bone that will effect positively to your both outer and inner beauty. In the meantime, spa is something you need to experience in Ubud. There is a few numbers of spa houses which have spectacular spots and spectacular choices of spa to make you relax.

yoga ubud bali

4. Stunning Sceneries

Ubud, though it is one of popular tourist destinations, still own magnificent terraced rice fields as well as greeneries. Many Bali villas in Ubud are nestled on the hills overlooking the green river gorge. It is so nice enjoying nature which is impossible to be found in modern city. You can explore the beauty of Ubud’s nature trough walking or cycling.

5. Living amidst the nature

In Ubud, coconut trees, songs of the birds, and fresh air will welcome you every morning when you wake up. Indeed Ubud is a modern city but the people decided to preserve the natural beauty so that even for one hundred years later people can still enjoy the ‘same’ allure of Ubud.

6. Best Shopping for artistries

You have many options of thing that you can bring to your home town for your colleagues. Ubud has some branded boutique shops although not as many as in Kuta, as well as painting galleries, art work workshops selling unique lamps, furniture, wood carvings, stone carvings, aromatherapy soaps, and many other things.

ubud shoping market

7. Affordable but Wonderful Food

This is maybe a personal opinion but having meals in Ubud cost you lower price than in the southern part of Bali. There are many popular restaurant offering Italian and international dishes. There are also some local warung which food is cheap but nice.

8. The Atmosphere

It must say that Ubud has something that cannot be described by words. Ubud has something that makes tourists feel comfortable and delighted. That something Balinese call Taksu. This is the thing that is always preserved by Ubud people to prevent this little cultural town from massive modernity penetration. Ubud combine splendid nature and traditionalism with little touch of modernity.

9. Hospitable People

It is obvious that Balinese people are so nice and hospitable. They are very friendly and hospitable. What you will always see from Ubud people is only big smile to welcome you warmly.

10. Cultural Performances

In Ubud, you can watch cultural performances every single day. Various dances are performed daily at Puri Saren Ubud ( Ubud Palace ).

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