Puri Saren Ubud or Better Known as The Ubud palace

About 100 years ago, empires in Bali had power to rule a territory. Now, empire in Bali just like in Ubud is not a part of government anymore but plays a big role in the field of social, culture, and art. Puri Saren, the most prominent part of Ubud Palace is located in front of Ubud market.

ubud palace

This vintage building in the heart of Ubud is the place where Ubud’s Royal Family lives in. After the last king of Ubud passed away, his sons have tried their best to keep the culture and art growing while also to prevent penetration of other things which are not suitable with Ubud’s identity. Actually all Ubud Palaces are essentially just family homes and none of them have been turned to be museum or official public place for tourists.

puri saren ubud

Puri Saren Ubud is an exception though there is still royal resident including the last king’s descendants live in it. Puri Saren Ubud is considered as the father palace of the other Ubud palaces. This Bali destination Set near Ubud Market, this place where you can see Balinese dance performance and other shows regularly is hard to miss. This place is also the place where you can adore the unique beautifully Balinese architecture. In short Puri Saren Ubud is excellent to be visited for anyone staying in Ubud or anyone who is travelling through Ubud area.

Besides Puri Saren Agung there are some other palaces (or Balinese call it ‘Puri’) in Ubud such as Puri Kantor, Puri Kantor Sosrobahu, Puri Kawan, Puri Menara, and etc. But these ‘Puri’ seem not open for
tourism. Please be careful because the name of Puri now is used not only to indicate original royal palace. Many hotel managements decided to name their hotel with a word phrase that starts with Puri. Don’t misunderstand if a building has a nameplate with the word Puri, it maybe just a hotel.


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