Visit Museum Le Mayeur in Sanur

Physically, the Balinese style buildings date back to tens of years ago. The gate doesn’t attract me to enter. However, I know inside this ancient building there are treasures, left by a legendary Belgium painter, Le Mayeur.

So I stepped in to Museum Le Mayeur situated right on the Sanur Beach, almost hidden by the array of local warung. This museum was a lovely home of Le Mayeur and his model who later on became his wife, Ni Polok. Hundreds of wonderful paintings mostly described about Balinese dancer are preserved very well in the three different rooms.

 Museum Le Mayeur Sanur

At the gate you may doubt whether to come in or not, like I did. But you will thank to yourself if you let yourself come in. First exhibition room was his living room where he gathered with friends. One thing that amazed me is Le Mayeur could create maximum quality of painting by using minimum tools. He presented finest paintings on rice papers; those are extremely unique and beautiful art works. In 1970s canvas didn’t exist yet in Bali but that fact didn’t kill Le Mayeur’s creativity actually.

Museum Le Mayeur Sanur

Besides his paintings he made in Bali, there are also several paintings he made in other countries. He captured Italian afternoon tea in his painting exhibited in first room. The similar paintings which are tokens that before settling in Bali he also travelled to other countries are exhibited in the second room. It was his personal bedroom.

The smallest exhibition room was his studio. To make you understand about Le Mayeur’s life, each exhibition room is completed with a short explanation of the room function.

Museum Le Mayeur Sanur

Outside, above the lotus pond, there are statues of Le Mayeur and Ni Polok; a sign that this wonderful place was their warm home where great paintings are made. And all this unexpectedly brilliant experience cost you only IDR 20.000. It is not fair, the management should consider about the change of ticket price since first it is really amazing, and second the building needs to be refurbished a little bit.

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